Feature-by feature tabular comparison of collaboration and task-management solutions

From the CompaReview series, here is a feature-by feature tabular comparison of collaboration and task-management solutions.

Including many useful features, like:

  • Login via google account
  • Real-time sync
  • Real-time latency
  • Show other user’s position
  • Show other user’s text selection
  • Show other user’s text cursor position
  • Show other user’s editing character-by-character
  • Show element’s author
  • Show element’s creation date
  • Show element’s last modification date
  • Show element’s history
  • Android client
  • Rich-text comments
  • Apply rich-text attributes accross nodes
  • WYSIWYG Rich-text editor
  • CSS / styles
  • Tags in text
  • Tags assigned to whole nodes
  • Threaded (tree) comments
  • Notify new messages
  • Go to next unread
  • Expand/colllapse elements
  • Reference another user in text
  • Enter into sub-tree
  • Instant edit in a given location, without a need to press a button
  • List bullets are objects with user-visible metadata
  • Rich-text
  • Keyboard operation
  • Keyboard operation: arrow movement
  • Gadgets
  • No extraneous rows/columns
  • Quickly add row/node
  • Natural text editing
  • Global undo
  • Edits saved automatically, no need to confirm
  • Quickly reorder nodes
  • Estimate task durations
  • Sub-tasks
  • Read offline
  • Edit offline
  • Distributed sync (p2p)

Products included in the comparison:



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